Who We Are

logoOn April 1, 1997 Golden State Family Services opened a Foster Family Agency in Visalia, headed by Micki Prins. At the time Micki had just completed her master’s degree. Micki has a background as a Probation Officer, a Court Mediator, and a Therapist. The opportunity to start a Foster Family Agency was both exciting and fairly overwhelming. Micki came into contact with Bonnie Gonzales who became the Office Manager. Nicole Forsyth, also a previous Probation Officer, soon joined the team. Learning the ropes of a Foster Family Agency can be difficult as there are many procedures and requirements to learn. However, Micki, Bonnie, and Nicole pulled together and learned what needed to be done.

Golden State Family Services initially provided services solely to Probation minors. Micki had several contacts with local Probation Departments because of her prior experience as a Probation Officer and was extremely comfortable working with this population of clients. She met with Probation and developed a program which exceeded expectations. Eventually, local Child Protective Services (CPS) Departments began to refer clients for placement. Currently, Golden State Family Services provides safe and nurturing homes for CPS and Probation minors.

Throughout the years of operations in the Central Valley, Golden State Family Services has established themselves as a reliable agency dedicated in providing quality services to children in need. Golden State Family Services has foster homes throughout the Central Valley. There have been offices in Tulare, Merced, Madera, Kings, and Fresno Counties. Occasionally, Golden State Family Services opens an office in a specific town in order to locate foster parents; once located these foster parents are incorporated into the main office closest to them. Currently Golden State Family Services offices are located in Fresno and Tulare.

At this time Golden State Family Services has approximately 300+ placements. The staff, which includes Program Directors and other managerial staff, Social Workers, Foster Parent Recruiters, and Support Staff, works very hard to ensure Golden State Family Services is providing children and foster parents with the finest services.

Since its inception Golden State Family Services has expanded its services. Golden State Family Services currently provides the following services for foster parents and foster children: case management services, Intensive Treatment Foster Care, Adoption services, monthly trainings, counseling, emancipation assistance, independent living skills programs, family finding services, self-esteem building programs, and parenting classes just to name a few.




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