Foster parents are critical members of our professional team, serving the needs of the youth in our care. All members of the team are expected to continue to learn and grow in their ability to work with children . The agency will make this process easier for foster parents by providing initial and continuing education.


What You Can Expect

  • It is mandatory that the primary caretaker foster parent complete a minimum of 20 hours of continuing education each certification year. However, if you are a couple, both are required to complete first aid and CPR training.
  • Introductory training addresses the special needs of foster children, child development, the policies and procedures of the agency, State of California regulations, Foster Pride and other topics to prepare the foster parent for their task.
  • The agency provides on-going monthly training and support group meetings.
    • These trainings/meetings are a time of mutual support and encouragement, as well as, education. At this time, we meet for formal presentation and discussion on a related topic each month.
    • There are also monthly meetings (or as needed) for an informal discussion so that foster parents can find support/information from other foster parents.
    • Quarterly, GSFS offers a Saturday training to meet the needs of those that otherwise have difficulty attending an evening session.

The agency’s administration/social workers are available to assist with any special needs you have with your foster child. If attendance at continued training is a problem, then the foster parent may develop an approved alternative plan for continuing education. Please contact the recruiter for your office regarding these items.

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