Programs and Services

boy in tire• Ongoing support to resource parents and foster children through consistent contact and home visits
• 24 hours/day and 7 days/week availability for emergencies
• Behavioral management, crisis-intervention, and therapeutic interventions
• Assistance with transportation of children on emergency basis
• Implementation of needs and service plan
• Written quarterly reports
• Referrals for psychological, psychiatric and educational needs
• Coordination with treatment providers
• Participation in case staffing and Juvenile Court hearing, as needed
• Emancipation and Independent Living Skills Programs
• Parenting classes

Two Girls (14-16) Lying on a Bed Next To Each Other


Boys to Gents is an educational group for adolescent boys which provides cognitive therapy to build social skills and self confidence. Activities include cooking, recreational sports, health and nutrition, eating etiquette, identifying positive role models, and community service. Group members also have the opportunity to take field trips within the community.



Girl Power is an interactive program for adolescent girls to promote self-esteem through skill building and education by incorporating discussions, guest speakers, activities, and field trips. The mission of this group is to empower teen girls to take an active interest in their own lives as well as effecting change in the community.



Intensive Treatment Foster Care (ITFC) provides services to children with severe emotional disorders. It is the mission of Golden State Family Services to provide quality resource homes and support services to foster children to better aid these children gain a sense of stability in the homes in which they live, a sense of self worth, and a belief in themselves and what they can accomplish in life.

Outreach Support Program

The Outreach Support Program is designed to assist long-term placement foster youth in cultivating relationships with relatives, mentors, or someone the youth desires to maintain a connection. Our Outreach Support Specialists work with the youth in building a Life Book and developing their family tree. With information gathered, options of connections are explored for the youth with their county worker. Once desired connections are determined, our specialists will outreach to the identified individual(s). The goal of the program is to give the youth a foundation of support for when they are ready to transition into adulthood.

Specialty Service Lines

Golden State Family Services Specialty Service Lines, will provide Master Level experts to provide specialty services to our resource parents, social workers and children to specifically work with children and teens in recovery from Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC) and are diagnosed or show symptoms of Autism. We also have a Registered Nurse to assist with medication, medically fragile children, and health problems for our children!  Each will provide intensive interventions to the resource home, social worker and children to assist with the specific behaviors or mental health concerns to successfully meet the needs of the child’s treatment plan at Golden State Family Services.

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