Leadership Team

Micki Prins

Micki Prins

When Golden State Family Services began operations in Visalia, California in 1997, Micki Prins was the Assistant Executive Director. Micki was instrumental in the establishment, development, and subsequent growth of the agency. She has been the Executive Director of Golden State Family Services since November 2004. She is very committed to the Agency’s purpose and the services it provides. Micki leads Golden State Family Services with wisdom, judiciousness, and understanding. Her objective is to ensure each child and family served by Golden State Family Services receives the highest standard of care.

Micki has a passion for working with children in need. She has an extensive background in working with high-risk children in a variety of capacities. She was a Therapist for a group home for four years, a Mediator for Family Court Services for three years, a Therapist for a counseling center for seven years, a Probation Officer for nine years, and a Group Counselor for juvenile hall for seven years. Micki’s professional experience has afforded her immense insight into the emotional and behavioral issues children experience as well as successful interventions and strategies to utilize for such. In addition to the knowledge she garnered through her professional experience, Micki has a Bachelors of Science with a focus in Criminology and Corrections, and Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology.

Micki takes pride in Golden State Family Services’ ability to provide foster children with quality resource home placements with loving families. She consistently looks for ways to expand and enhance the services provided by Golden State Family Services. She is responsive to the needs of Golden State Family Services’ clients and the agency’s community partners and initiates program development based on those needs. Micki believes in the philosophy, “it takes a village to raise a child.” By providing an environment through which the agency, resource families, and families of origin unite in order to better provide for children, the children and community benefit as a whole.

One of Micki’s favorite facets of Golden State Family Services is hosting several annual events. Each Golden State Family Services’ office plans and hosts a Christmas party for its resource families. At these parties, each resource family is served dinner and receives a Christmas gift. In addition, each foster child receives quality Christmas presents and is given an opportunity to sit on Santa’s lap. Each Golden State Family Services office also hosts an annual party for Resource Parent Appreciation Month in May. This party is a time for Golden State Family Services to recognize the hard work of its resource parents. These parties have a different theme each year and provide a time for Golden State Family Services to show appreciation to its resource parents. Each resource parent receives a gift of gratitude and resource families are provided an environment to play games, eat, and enjoy the support of coming together as a community of care providers.

Micki is excited that Golden State Family Services is currently developing its Full-Service Adoptions program. Once licensed as a Full-Service Adoptions Agency, Golden State Family Services will be able to provide services to birth-parents in addition to the services it already provides to adoptive children and adoptive parents.

Micki promises much more to come for Golden State Family Services!

Matasha Bailey

Matasha BaileyMatasha Bailey has worked for Golden State Family Services since 2002. She began as a Social Worker Intern and now holds the position of Program Director for the Fresno Office, which is Golden State Family Services’ largest and main office.

Matasha has a Masters of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology and a Bachelors of Arts degree in Criminology. Before coming to Golden State Family Services, Matasha worked as a Probation Officer for eight years. Her experience with probation has provided her insight in working with children placed in foster care.

Matasha is dedicated to providing quality services to the children and families served by Golden State Family Services. She is very compassionate about the issues foster children face and works hard to ensure the staff she manages is equipped to handle the challenges they are facing.

Erin McCreery

Erin McCreeryErin McCreery began working for Golden State Family Services in 2001. She is currently the Chief Financial Officer and Accounting Director. She has ten years experience in accounting and five years experience as a Chief Financial Officer.

Erin has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from California State University, Fresno, with a focus in Criminology. She is close to completing her Masters degree in Psychology.

Erin’s role at Golden State Family Services is vital. She ensures the financial aspects of the agency are running smoothly and efficiently. Supervising the accounting assistants and bookkeepers, reviewing deposits, and overseeing all aspects of the agency’s accounting procedures are just some things she does to make sure Golden State Family Services’ finances are stable and secure. Erin takes great pride in her role in creating and sustaining the fiscal strength of the agency.

Kristin Nordstrom-Withrow

Kristin NordstromKristin Nordstrom-Withrow began working for Golden State Family Services in 2003. Kristin has a Masters degree in Social Work. She began at Golden State Family Services as a Social Worker and currently serves as the Program Director and Administrato
r of the agency’s Adoptions Program.

Kristin was instrumental in the development of the Adoptions Program and is very excited to see it be so successful. Kristin and Sarah are currently in the process of developing a Full-Service Adoptions Program.
Kristin is committed to providing exceptional services to the families and children she works with. She has a true passion for helping children and their families succeed and finds great fulfillment in her role in making a family “whole.” Kristin is genuinely delighted for each adoptive family and adoptive child she is able to connect.

Crystal Chavez-Fullner

crystalCrystal Chavez-Fullner became a part of Golden State Family Services in 2004. Crystal has a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology. Crystal started her career with Golden State Family Services as a Social Worker Intern. Since that time Crystal has demonstrated flexibility and initiative serving as Social Worker, Social Worker Supervisor, Assistant Program Director and Program Director.  She is currently serving as Assistant Program Director of our Hanford office.

Crystal has a passion for working with children to ensure they are being providing quality care. She is a dedicated member of the management team.