Nature and Goals:

  • GSFS is a non-profit 501(c) 3 corporation that provides the highest quality foster family placement for children placed in out-of-home foster care.
    • In most cases a charitable donation made to Golden State Family Services will be eligible for a tax deduction.
  • As a non-profit organization we do not distribute our surplus funds to owners or shareholders, but  use them to help pursue our goal of providing for the youth in our agency, not just in areas of basic needs, but in all realms so they may lead a life that affords them all the opportunities they deserve. As a prospective donor you should know that all proceeds from In-kind donations and all financial contributions to Golden State Family Services will go solely to local foster children. A monetary donation goes directly into our Children’s Fund.
    • The Children’s Fund is a program implemented by Golden State Family Services to make life experiences available to our foster children. All donated money is designated to our Children’s Fund. Money from the Children’s Fund allows our foster children to embark on educational field trips, receive Christmas gifts, get involved in extra curricular activities, and the like.
    • It is our goal to have every age appropriate child in at least one extra curricular activity such as sports, and the arts. These activities provide important enrichment for a well-rounded person, as well as, life skills that a child can carry over to adulthood.

Ways to Donate:

  • Financial Donations: A financial donation is money given to a charitable or other nonprofit organization.
  • In-kind Donations: In-kind donations are gifts of food, clothing (new and gently used), toys or household goods, and school supplies.
  • A dollar amount of your item is determined for your tax purposes and a receipt is provided to you.

Let’s Make It Better:                                                                                                          

Charity begins at home. Involve your children and grandchildren in learning about your community’s needs and local non-profit organizations. The children will never forget what they’ve learned, and you’ll guide them toward a lifetime of giving. Together let’s promote sharing, community, and compassion.

Federal Identification number: 68-0387999. This number and a receipt indicating your exact donation will be provided to you for tax purposes.
For more information, please contact: 
Adam Stahlman at 559.241.0955 Ext. 118